Our Lady of Cheekbones
Doctor Beverly Crusher

An unexamined life is not worth living.

Utterly ecclectic. Phile, cat lady, bookworm. I live a Paula Abdul appreciation life, and shit, I met Gilly. I collect buses and etc.

Book Challenge 2014

The girl

Karen. Quarter-century. Actually straight (whoops). Graphic Designer. 80s. Paula Abdul. Scully’s hair.

Unicorn enthusiast. I ride horses and have a car that has stickers instead of paint. I am infatuated with my cats, am a convicted cat molester, and believe that normalcy is a horrible disease.

Word up. I dig costumes and cosplay.

Among many things this blog adores beautiful ladies, beautiful typography, Disney, Star Wars, internets, Spider-Man, geekdom, and ponies. This blog abhors Twilight.

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